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The Fall of Rome: Political and Economic Corruption

Roman Empire bowed to the intensity of political and cone impersonate debasement, remote attacks, alongside cataclysmic events and ailments. The Roman Empire was thought to be a durable domain, be that as it may, Rome oust situated a lot of debasement, both strategically and financially. Rome had an aggregate of 19 e heads from 235285 CE ( Document A ). Thirteen of the nineteen sovereigns either were, or were accepted to have been, killed. An example Of death in eminence implies the FAA CT that individuals were discontent with their rulers.Along with that, a consistent difference in heads mama squeezes it difficult for anything to complete, in light of the fact that as the new sovereign assumes control over needs regularly change. The Roman monetary and equity framework was especially for the affluent: â€Å"†¦ A [wee Itty lawbreaker]†¦ Is not rebuffed for his bad form, while a poor man.. Experiences I lady punishment. † ( Document E ). This bad form caused for the d estitute individuals to dismiss their own home, the peep eel turned out to be less ready to battle to keep their domain thriving.Rome, however saw as this huge, solid, and unbreakable realm, this was not the situation. Carelessness lead to the relinquishment of the standard protection and march grog fix drills. The Roman fighters battled without shield on the grounds that the protective layer turned out to be excessively substantial, f or the men never wore them.. Michael Grant expresses that, â€Å"There can be little uncertainty that the small nesses of the late Roman armed force was to a great extent due to the inevitable failure† ( Document B ). The absence of prepared fighters brought about numerous issues, as outlined in Document C Rome was available to a wide range of invaders.Rome comes up short on the characteristic fringes some old human advancements, for example, G rice had. Because of the absence of outskirts The Hunks effectively ousted the Roman individuals. Sin s e â€Å"The Hunks surpass any meaning of savagery† ( Document D) he undeveloped, sluggish, and unprotected Roman fighters got no opportunity of triumph. Cataclysmic events and sicknesses caused for a speedy drop of Roman populace; † Fifty thousand people had lost their lives in the flood [in the city Of Alexandria all en]†¦ ( Document With such a large number of lives lost the measure of individuals to help secure the nation fell enormously. This absence of individuals make it significantly simpler for the as of now severely better Hunks than ova counters the â€Å"almighty' Rome. On the off chance that Rome had not been influenced by such solid debacles and illness more warriors would have had the option to add to battling the Hunks. Rome could have gone on for a more extended timeframe notwithstanding the political and financial corruption.The domain may even now be endeavoring today if the Roman fighters would have stayed persistent, despite everything rehear sing their walks. Becoming used to their defensive layer so t hello could really wear it in battle. If not for the absence of common outskirts in the enormous MME rage the Hunks might not have had the option to immerse the land. Another report that would be into resting to peruse would be about how the Hung warriors felt while attacking and overcoming this remote land.

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Influenza Vaccine Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Flu Vaccine - Research Paper Example This is to control the occasional flu. Flu antibody is legitimate on the logical and general wellbeing banter. The elderly folks individuals who are normally more than 65 old enough might be in danger of getting flu. There is a need to complete a wide vaccination to the matured. In any case, data accessible in certain nations might be restricted. The information must be indicated that the elderly folks individuals are in danger of flu. This information must be gathered and made accessible on the premise that they can be utilized appropriately (Steckel, 2007, P.90). The regular old gathering must be introduced similar information with the goal that they can comprehend that they are in danger. Instruction is a key for them. They have to know the realities about flu. Advancement of ventures for more grounded advancement of flu immunization among the old for both their own advantage, and that of their nearby guardians. Offering routine free inoculation to the old urges them to proceed. T his should be possible by setting up strategies that will give the old a superior life when contaminated with flu. Monetary and regulatory boundaries ought to be evacuated on the grounds that they keep the older people from accepting flu immunization, utilization of standing projects ought to be presented. Procedures must be set up to guarantee the execution of fruitful flu antibody. Work force ventures staff that are to be comprised in each given region and exclusively be liable for offering antibodies to the old and the debilitated. Self-announcing systems and information presented by those are answerable for caring the elderly individuals. Offering needs to the old and the incapacitated will empower them as opposed to letting them follow up on their own. With regards to overseeing the antibody, the old ought to be all around educated and gave the important help. The individuals who are close should help urge the old to take the immunizations and teach them that they will have a l ess danger of introduction to transmission of flu. Giving free vehicle to the matured and assist them with getting the antibody at a lower cost, energizes them since they have less to battle. Following of antibodies Use of managerial information This should effortlessly be possible by giving marks and handouts to patients who have been given the immunization. This will help follow the sum and the utilization of the antibody. In different situations, the backer may wish to modify or change the name of the item with the goal that it incorporates the one of a kind code of the antibody. Organic information This is finished by a specialist report or a present master report. The accompanying information might be utilized. Inspecting and breaking down the piece of the immunization, and utilization of clinical preliminary equation. Here and there the headway of the antibody can be identified with the assembling equation. This gives the genuine equation of the antibody impacts and following. The duplicate of affirmed particulars of the immunization can be recorded in a plain structure and afterward broke down fundamentally. On the off chance that the antibody has a type of result, for example the entry level, at that point the equivalent can be estimated. Every one of the working impacts can be contrasted with the affirmed details. Soundness tastes now and again is fundamental for acceptable following outcomes. A month to month or a yearly security testing control is now and again great to follow. Clinical information An all around overhauled report or an addendum, which is identified with the present master report, can be utilized. In different trial of clinical examinations, following of new immunization is

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time travel Essay -- essays research papers

For a long time travel was the stuff of sci-fi. This was all simply part of the world’s creative mind as of not long ago. Researchers presently accept that the momentum laws of material science permit us to travel however time. They accept that we would now be able to venture out back to see our establishing fathers sign the presentation of freedom. We could head out to 2999 to observe the introduction of the following new thousand years. Such travel would require a machine equipped for withstanding extraordinary weights and mind blowing measures of speed. The demonstration of really voyaging however time is generally, settled upon, yet the ramifications of such travel isn't so chosen. A wide range of scholars have various perspectives on what could occur and some go, similarly as to state that on the off chance that we traveled to the past, we would wind up in an alternate universe that is a copy of this one. One of the most fundamental ideas is that of Dilation, an extending of something. A few researchers accept that the fundamental portal to the past or future is a wormhole. Einstein’s general relativity hypothesis clarifies about all inclusive constants, this is essential to comprehend the ideas of movement at light speed. Going to the past could make issues on the off chance that somebody attempted to change something. This is a Catch 22. A couple of these Catch 22s are clarified using quantum mechanics. Cruising however the universe at the speed of light with no time cruising us by, moving all through time to observe the old Egyptians make their magnum opuses. This is an energizing idea that we could really figure and make occur. Prior to the hour of Einstein, Newton and other incredible agents thought of room as a limitless region in which everything exist (Hewitt 213). We are in space and we live in it alongside the entirety of the planets and stars. It was rarely clear if the universe exists in space or space exists known to mankind. Portion space exists outside the universe or just inside its limits. The comparative inquiry, does the universe exist just in time or does time just exist known to man? Was there time before the universe, and will there be time after it stops to exist? â€Å"Einstein’s answer to this is reality just exist inside the universe. There is no time or space ‘outside.’(Hewitt 213)† Einstein said that existence are two separate pieces of an entire called space-time (Hewitt 213). To get this, consider our presen... ... all his work. His more youthful self could recreate the works of art and significantly and unalterably influencing the eventual fate of craftsmanship. This would include no innovative vitality by the â€Å"inventor.† The proliferations would exist since they are duplicates from the first and the firsts exist since they are duplicates of the generations. No imaginative vitality could ever must be advanced to make these perfect works of art. In light of the order chief time travel, by certain, has been precluded. The universe anticipate us, and the historical backdrop of our reality is readily available. Would we utilize this incredible influence for good, terrible, and riches? We should simply get in our spaceship, set sail for the closest wormhole, and trust in a little karma, and we can observer things just recounted in stories. Just the voyager can chose what the person wishes to return for. The speculations today express that going through time is conceivable, anyway they don't state what could be the repercussions of our activities. This extraordinary wilderness anticipates us; we have the information, and are gradually however sullen building up the innovation. The truth will surface eventually when time itself no longer standards our lives as one of the main changes of the general constitution.

Alioramus - Facts and Figures

Alioramus - Facts and Figures Name: Alioramus (Greek for various branch); articulated AH-lee-goodness RAY-muss Natural surroundings: Forests of Asia Verifiable Period: Late Cretaceous (70-65 million years prior) Size and Weight: Around 20 feet in length and 500-1,000 pounds Diet: Meat Recognizing Characteristics: Moderate size; various teeth; hard peaks on nose About Alioramus A terrible part has been disconnected about Alioramus since the time a solitary, deficient skull was found in Mongolia in 1976. Scientistss accept this dinosaur was a medium-sized tyrannosaur firmly identified with another Asian meat-eater, Tarbosaurus, from which it contrasted in the two its size and in the particular peaks running along its nose. Similarly as with numerous dinosaurs recreated from fractional fossil examples, however, not every person concurs that Alioramus was such its supposed to be. A few scientistss keep up that the fossil example had a place with an adolescent Tarbosaurus, or maybe was not left by a tyrannosaur at everything except by a completely extraordinary sort of meat-eating theropod (henceforth this dinosaurs name, Greek for various branch). An ongoing investigation of a second Alioramus example, found in 2009, demonstrates that this dinosaur was significantly more unusual than recently suspected. Notably, this assumed tyrannosaur donned a line of five peaks on the facade of its nose, each around five inches in length and not exactly an inch high, the reason for which is as yet a secret (the most probable clarification is that they were an explicitly chosen characteristicthat is, guys with greater, increasingly conspicuous peaks were progressively alluring to females during mating seasonsince these developments would have been totally futile as a hostile or guarded weapon). These equivalent knocks are likewise observed, though in quieted structure, on certain examples of Tarbosaurus, yet more proof that these may have been very much the same dinosaur.

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An Understanding of Rossettis Methods and Concerns in Promises Like Piecrust - Literature Essay Samples

Promises like Piecrust by Christina Rossetti relates a narrative between a speaker and beloved in regards to the other’s romantic attraction towards the speaker. The title of the poem is taken from the expression ‘Promises are like pie crust, they are made to be broken’, likening the difficulty of keeping a promise to the fragility of pie crusts, a thing that is easily broken. The title captures, in essence, the running theme throughout this Rossetti poem, that promises, and perhaps people, are fragile and fleeting. Rossetti structures the poem in an argumentative fashion, acting as a plea to the addressee of the poem. The steady seven-syllable meter reflecting the speaker’s stable emotional and mental state when presenting her argument against her beloved, painting the speaker as reasonable and unencumbered by emotion. The alternating rhyme (ABAB/CDCD) is suggestive of a lack of mutuality between the two parties, with neither of them being able to meet the other in terms of their wants in the relationship. It suggests a sense of wavering in the speaker, who perhaps is not as certain as she seems.The paradoxical opening line in the first stanza of ‘Promise me no promises’ and the following line ‘So will I not promise you;’ suggests the speaker wanting a non-committal relationship between the two parties, with the speaker somehow finding security in the lack of security due to the absence of promises between each other. The line ‘Keep we both our liberties,à ¢â‚¬â„¢ implies a high need for independence on part of the speaker who does not want to be bound to the beloved, which is something of an oddity in the Victorian era where marriage for a woman was a gateway towards financial security, thus the speaker could be read as breaking free of her patriarchal bonds as well. Alternatively it could also be read as the speaker setting the beloved free from possible commitment to her, suggesting a feeling of unworthiness or inferiority, which is supported by the line ‘free to come and free to go’, with the repetition of the word free further highlighting the speaker’s need for freedom from attachment, or freedom in general. The antithesis of ‘false’ and ‘true’ is coloured by the prefix of ‘never’, the negation representing the inability of either party to be able to emotionally affect the other if the beloved takes heed to the speaker’s earlier request in the first two lines. Fur thermore, the ‘die’ is symbolic of chance, thus of the risk that needs to be undertaken in order any outcome in their relationship, with the word ‘uncast’ shows that the speaker is unwilling to take that risk. The final two lines of the stanza begin to develop the theme of the unknowable past of both the speaker and her beloved, for the line ‘for I cannot know your past’ suggests that the beloved might be harbouring past secrets from the speaker. A common method of Rossetti would be her usage of rhetorical questions, which she uses to shroud her poems with a sense of intrigue and mystery, an example of which would be in her poem ‘Winter: My Secret’. The usage of a rhetorical question in the final line (‘And of mine what can you know?’) would achieve a similar effect, drawing in readers to speculate on answers not freely given. On the other hand, it could also be read as the speaker taunting the beloved, implying that h e is unable to fully comprehend the speaker, The second stanza is further development on the pasts of both the speaker and the beloved. An accusatory tone is levied against the beloved in the first line, especially if one were to read phrase ‘so warm’ as sarcastic. There is a trace of jealousy in the speaker in the line ‘warmer towards another one’, impliedly stating that the beloved was more attentive and loving in a past relationship, thus her jealous disposition possibly arising from a lack of clarity about her beloved’s faithfulness. However, the usage of the word ‘may’ adds a degree of speculation towards the speaker’s recount of her beloved is passed, could perhaps be indicative of some form of paranoia, possibly stemming from a sense of insecurity on the speaker’s part. Rossetti seems to further intensify the speculative aspect further in the stanza with the rhetorical question of ‘Who shall show us if it was/Thus indeed in time of old’, indicating the speaker herself is uncertain how the past relationships unfolded. Structurally, the first and third line of the stanza is nearly identical with the same rhythm and caesura placement, forming a mutual bond between the speaker and the beloved. Moreover. the antithesis of ‘You’ and ‘I’, as well as warm and cold, can be inferred as the intrinsic, irreconcilable differences between the two, or their current emotional disposition towards each other. Given the context, ‘Sunlight’ can be taken as a metaphor for a past relationship of the speaker, while ‘felt the sun’ could be read as the speaker being more passionate in the past compared to her ‘coldness’ in the present. Other than that, the repetition of ‘once have’ is representative of the speaker’s clear fixation on the past, indicative of the speaker being unable to move on and perhaps is in a state of emotional limbo, thus being unable to properly commit herself to a new relationship. A juxtaposition of the past and present adds credence to the speaker’s argument that the two parties should not be involved in a relationship with each other, for impliedly their past relationships both ended even though they were apparently (according to the speaker) warmer and more loving back then. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that if they were to enter a relationship with each other in their current states, it would be bound to end in failure. The stanza ends with fading imagery, suggesting the unattainability of their relationship or the unpredictability of the future if they were to involve themselves in one. Critic Jens Kiefer provides some interesting insight on the usage of metaphorical imagery in the stanza, stating ‘Her strategy of representing the past as something that can be reconstructed only in the form of allusions, therefore looks suspiciously like an attempt to divert attention from her real reason for declini ng to enter into a romantic relationship: fear’. Alternatively, the usage of allusion could be representative the speaker clinging too fondly to the past, being unable to describe it in its entirety for fear of dragging old memories back to the surface. The final stanza reintroduces the concept of promises and personal liberty, acting as a continuation of the theme from the first stanza. An antithesis of ‘you’ and ‘I’ echoes the earlier stanza, involving a parallel structure. While the antithesis was earlier used to describe their emotional states in their past relationships, here it serves as a warning from the speaker of the dangers if they were to ‘promise’ each other, which is euphemistic for the consequences emotional commitment towards each other. Commitment is in fact highly negatively slanted by the speaker, claiming that the beloved ‘might grieve for lost liberty’, with the alliteration seemingly emphasising her point, whilst the usage of the word ‘again’ could be referencing his past relationship, where he actually did express negativity towards his former commitment. The speaker also slants herself as being unable to commit, likening a relationship to a â₠¬â„¢chain’, as if treating it as a form of imprisonment on her behalf. A reasonable argument is developed by the speaker, taking into account the consequences a relationship would have on the beloved and herself. It could also, however, be deemed as irrational or overly pessimistic, as the speaker clearly focuses on the negatives of a relationship and has little mention of the positives. Rossetti’s poetry often paints love in a bleak nature, possibly stemming from her own rejection of romantic advances, usually arising from religious differences between herself and the suitor, such as with the case of Charles Bagot Cayley, who she rejected due to agnostic beliefs. However, remained lifelong friends. The idea of friendship is the driving force behind the last half of the final stanza, where reverting to this former state of their relationship (‘Let us be the friends we were,’) would allow them to avoid the sufferance of heartbreak. The line ‘Nothing more but nothing less’ is structurally balanced due to the antithesis of ‘more’ and ‘less’, thus friendship can be interpreted as a happy medium or compromise for the speaker and the beloved. A moralizing dimension is added to the final two lines of the poem The antithesis of ‘thrive’ and ‘perish’ as well as, and in connection to ‘fr ugal’ and ‘excess’ suggests that the speaker is speaking of a universal truth regarding the effects of love on friendship, which is that it would cause friendship to ‘perish’. Conversely, the speaker might be making one desperate, final plea towards the beloved in order to convince him at the frailty of an attempted relationship, or perhaps even to convince herself. Promises like Piecrust is a poem in which relationships are slanted as always doomed to failure, with the constant mention of liberty and an inability to uphold promises as perhaps indicative of a fear of giving up too much in order to gain seemingly marginal benefits. The complicated dance between love and friendship is as common now as it was then. On the basis of Rossettis verses, constant friendship is far better than a slice of temporary perfection.

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Diabetes Prevention Programme - Free Essay Example

INTRODUCTION Diabetes is a health problem that affects people despite their age. The program targets the young and working class generation through social media campaigns. The purpose of this project is to spread awareness of what courses diabetes, how to avoid becoming diabetic by living a healthy life and how to live with diabetes. BACKGROUND In the past, diabetes was associated with aging people. However, today its course has changed. It would not be a surprise to hear a case of a five-year child who has diabetes. There are adverse conditions that come along with diabetes, which mostly affects the eyes, kidneys, feet, nerves, heart, and brain. A lot of myths have been formed behind the courses and cures of diabetes. A large population lives at risk of getting diabetes and some already living with diabetes. People have been misguided by theories formulated as to the course of diabetes, and most of them are not aware of the real courses or how they can avoid being diabetic. The young generation needs to be aware of the risk their lifestyle puts them in and how it can affect them in future. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES The aim of the project is to bring awareness to the general population on living healthy with diabetes or living healthy to avoid it. The project will focus on correcting mythical concepts that have been instilled in most peoples minds, I being one of them till recently. Most believe that diabetes is coursed by consuming a lot of sugar, which is halfway true. Others believe that only obese people are at risk of becoming diabetic while some think its a disease that only affects the older generation. These some of the myths and misconceptions that we need to bring awareness to fight diabetes effectively. Science has not proved the exact course of diabetes yet, but in most cases, it has been associated with the genetic history of a person. However, by living a healthy life, even people with a diabetic gene history have been able to avoid the disease. The main areas that will be covered by this campaign are nutrition and physical fitness. First of all, theres the theory that I f you are overweight or obese, you will eventually develop type 2 diabetes.(Diabetes Myths) Thats not factually true. Its true that overweight people are at risk of developing diabetes, but statistically, most of them dont, and a lot of people with normal weight are living with diabetes. It is advisable that people should live a healthy life and maintain a normal body weight, but that should not be the only factor to consider as a way to prevent diabetes. Then theres the saying that Eating too much sugar causes diabetes.(Diabetes Myths.) When it comes to health, not everything is in black and white. While diabetes is an effect of the body being unable to regulate the levels of sugar in the blood, sugar will always be necessary whether someone has diabetes or not. However, lifestyle behaviors do matter a lot when determining when a lot of sugar is too much sugar. The American Diabetes Association recommends that people should avoid intake of sugar-sweetened beverages to help preve nt diabetes. Most American food and beverages manufacturers now offer non-fat options on of their products. This is mainly due to a campaign by scientists in the 1960s that fat was the main course of obesity and heart disease (OConnor, Anahad). To date people hold the same believe and companies opted to add more sugar to their products while reducing fat. This sweetening greatly increases the level of blood sugar which eventually leads to diabetes. From the above incident, we see a situation where people consume too much sugar even without their knowledge. For example, Just one 12-ounce can of regular soda has about 150 calories and 40 grams of carbohydrate. This is the same amount of carbohydrate in 10 teaspoons of sugar. (Grains and Starchy Vegetables.) Bringing awareness to the amount of sugar we consume in products would be a great step towards combating diabetes. Then theres a myth that People with diabetes should eat special diabetic foods.(Grains and Starchy Vegetabl es.) The answer to this is that everyone should practice a healthy diet. The recommended diet for everyone should be low in saturated and trans fat, moderate in salt and sugar, with meals based on lean protein, non-starchy vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and fruit. Diabetic foods do not mainly hold any special benefit, and they tend to be more expensive than standard food. THE INTERVENTION The myths are many, but the sure way to live healthy with or without diabetes is the right diet and keeping your body fit. The aim is not to drastically change peoples lifestyle to suit a documented version of healthy living. The objective is to teach people to change their diet and lifestyle for better health gradually. Regarding fitness it the campaign would recommend simple exercises as we go through our day to day activities. Most people consider exercises as going to the gym and burning as many calories as you can, but the truth is that act as simple as walking is a form of exercise. The main message about fitness should be anything that gets you moving, such as walking, dancing, or working in the yard. The major focus of this proposal has been on a diet. The myths behind it and what to avoid and what to add. The message will still be the same if you want to eat grains, eat whole grains, and if you have to take a beverage, take a non-sweetened drink. These messages might be simple but would go a long combat the ever-growing risk of diabetes. As said, the main focus of the project is to bring awareness to people on how they can avoid or live with diabetes by practicing a healthy living. The main target is the younger and working class generations who interact with new technology on a daily basis. The target group has the highest population, and its more active in other things in the society. However, a large number in this group interact with the internet on a daily basis, and some are using social media as their main form of interaction with the society. Its easier, faster and cheaper to provide targeted campaigns through social media than any other platform. EVIDENCE THAT THIS WILL WORK Like HIV/AIDS diabetes has no cure. However, in the last three decades, we have seen increased effort added in creating awareness to the public about HIV/AIDS, how to live with it and how to avoid getting infected. This has seen the number of infections reduce by over 10% between 2010 and 2016. The number of deaths for those infected has also reduced, and theres an increased life expectancy. This is due to healthy living even if the virus does not have a cure (HIV in the United States | Statistics Overview | Statistics Center | HIV/AIDS | CDC.). If the equal amount of effort is directed to creating awareness about HIV/AIDS is directed to creating awareness about diabetes. There would be a significant fall in diabetic cases since unlike AIDS, diabetes is not contagious. In the long run, this would save the world approximately 245 billion dollars spent annually on diabetes cases in the United States alone (Type 2 Diabetes Statistics and Facts.). Work cited Diabetes Myths.? American Diabetes Association, 2017, Grains and Starchy Vegetables.? American Diabetes Association, 2017, HIV in the United States | Statistics Overview | Statistics Center | HIV/AIDS | CDC.? Cdc.Gov, 2017, OConnor, Anahad. How The Sugar Industry Shifted Blame To Fat.? Nytimes.Com, 2017, Type 2 Diabetes Statistics And Facts.? Healthline, 2017,

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Comparison and Contrast A Rose for Emily by William...

The short story, as with other literary forms, is not defined by its actual parameters. Subject and theme may be as varied as those within full-length novels, just as the authors individual style plays an inevitable role in shaping the work. That said, there is a common element uniting short stories; they usually create impact due to the brevity itself, which authors typically rely on to make a more direct impression. Condensed, the form offers more overt power, and this is evident in how William Faulkner and Edgar Allan Poe employ it to achieve distinctly Gothic effects. â€Å"A Rose for Emily† and â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado† are very different stories set in very different worlds, and the tone of the narration in each is equally†¦show more content†¦This renders the tone more one of reminiscence and, if Faulkners narrator is not as grandiloquent as Poes, he nonetheless paints vivid pictures, as in his description of Emily later in life: â€Å"She look ed bloated, like a body long submerged in water, and of that pallid hue† (Faulkner 3). What may be most interesting in the differences of narrator tone, however, is how each underscores the thrust of the story. Poes extreme voice works to build up to a disturbing conclusion of murder; the exaggeration of Montresors tone conforms to the trajectory of the story. With Faulkner, understatement is the key. His story ends as dramatically, if not more so, than Poes, and the effect of the revealed necrophilia is amplified by how moderately the narrator conveys the tale. If symbolism is an element in both stories, it must be noted that – and ironically – it is far more evident in Faulkner. The irony lies in an expectation of symbolism in Poe because his style is so extreme, whereas it is less expected in Faulkners understatement. Poe does employ the symbolic, certainly; strikingly, Montresors revenge is planned for a night of the carnival, and his victim is dressed in bright colors and with bells on his cap, like a fool. There is as well the blatant symbolism of the Montresor vaults as the scene of the murder. Here, all the prideShow MoreRelatedMurder in the Novels, The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe and A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner733 Words   |  3 Pages The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poes and William Faulkners A Rose for Emily are compelling murder stories, full of dynamic characters, vivid detail, and compelling points of view. These two stories encompass the elements of plot, character, setting and point of view among others. Although the elements of the central theme of murder are different, these stories share other elements that make these stories unique. In the short story â€Å"The cask of Amontillado† by Edgar Allan Poe, the basicRead MoreANALIZ TEXT INTERPRETATION AND ANALYSIS28843 Words   |  116 Pageselsewhere, most frequently to character or idea. Understanding a plot on a schematic level becomes even more difficult when dealing with works, usually novels, that have more than one plot. Many novels contain one or more subplots that reinforce by contrast or parallel the main plot. Some novels even contain a double plot, as in Thackeray’s â€Å"Vanity Fair†, where we are asked to follow the careers of both the selfish adventuress Becky Sharp and the innocent, good-hearted Amelia Sedley. As Amelia’s fortunes